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April 8, 2011

Paul Revere Lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns

We’ve been learning about U.S. History, particularly about Paul Revere and the Minute Men.  We got this lesson idea from here:


This was a fun activity.  At first the kids complained that the cans were cold. (They are filled with water and frozen solid, so yeah… they’re cold.)  Then they complained that they couldn’t hammer the holes, but if they tried, they could.  And did!


First we cleaned the cans, then sized paper to fit the outside of the can.  We each made our designs on the paper.  Simple designs.  Keep it very simple! Annie made a horse and stars.  Allie made a person hiding behind a bush and stars. Mom made a moon and stars and ground beneath.  TJ made all sorts of things, but they were just scribbles anyway.  =)


Once the cans were frozen, we re-taped the paper to them and began to hammer away.  Allie and i used the back of a screwdriver as a hammer, because we just don’t have 4 hammers on hand. I have a tiny little hammer that TJ used.  I would start his nails for him and then he’d have at it.


This is a great idea… i recommend it!  If you do make Paul Revere’s lanterns, let me know how they turned out.


Tin Can Lantern

Annie was really careful and didn't hit her fingers once... like her mother did.

Tin Can Lantern

Allison enjoyed playing with the ice more than actually hammering, but she did a great job!

Tin Can Lantern

TJ is all boy. I had to wrestle the hammer from him when we were done.



  1. no one broke their finger? really?

    i might just have to try it when it gets warmer outside 🙂

    did you fill them with tealight candles?

    Comment by TaderDoodles (Lisa B) — April 8, 2011 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  2. Yes, we melted the ice in the sink (which was an adventure in itself) and then put tea light candles in them. Although bad Mommy didn’t have enough candles of the right size… bad, bad Mommy. But the kids forgave me anyway. This was really fun, i must say.

    Comment by makinghomeschoolfun — April 8, 2011 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  3. Great idea! I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind for when we learn about Paul Revere 🙂

    Comment by Ray's Homeschool — April 9, 2011 @ 1:20 pm | Reply

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