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April 4, 2012

Traffic safety lesson

I haven’t really been keeping up with posting our school lessons, but i promise that i’ve been saving up some good ones to post soon.

One of our requirements for homeschooling in New York state is to teach about ” highway safety and traffic regulation, including bicycle safety.” Here’s what we did:

I used the Bicycle Safety Activity Kit from the NHTSA, which had some great resources. We did the first two activities for kids ages 8-11. I wanted to take the kids out to ride their bikes for a bit as a P.E. extension, but… it is really cold out still.  I also meant to have the kids draw a picture that includes safety aspects discussed in sheet #1 and then write at least two sentences describing their picture. But i didn’t have my notes in front of me, so we skipped this.

Next we went over the meaning of traffic signs, including how the shape and color are incorporated into their meaning to help drivers make quick decisions on the road. I used the following resources:


Next we made our own traffic signs to go in our rooms. Annie made a crosswalk-type sign that reads “Walk Away. I’m changing” to put up when she’s dressing to prevent being constantly bothered by her siblings. Allison made a One Way sign to her bed. TJ requested a railroad crossing sign. I tried to have him make it say Tyler Crossing or something similar, but he would hear nothing of it. He wanted a genuine railroad crossing sign.

We just used cardboard and paint.

Highway Traffic Sign Lesson


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